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A Hands-On Academic Seasonal School and Workshop

for Undergraduate Research Students, Graduate Students, and Early Career researchers, and Mentors of high school robotics research teams, on the Challenges and Best-in-Class Solutions for Response Robots.

The Response Robotics Seasonal School and Workshop (RRSS+W) follows from a long line of academic events dating back to 2004.

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Co-located with the 2024 Texas Public Safety Robotics Summit

March 4-7 2024.

Reveille Proving Grounds, Burnet, TX, USA.



Attendees of the RRSS+W will have a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from the end users about how their technologies might be used, manufacturers on the challenges of transitioning technologies from the lab into the real world, and various regulatory bodies on the risk management and legal landscape within which these technologies must operate.

Sponsored by the IEEE-RAS

Supported by a grant from the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), Technical Education Program, primarily to support the travel of IEEE-RAS student members, particularly from outside the USA.

Endorsed by the IEEE-RAS Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles Technical Committee and the IEEE-RAS Technical Committee for RoboCup.

Integration with the RoboCupRescue Robot League

The RRSS+W forms part of the RoboCupRescue Robot League (RRL), which brings together researchers from all over the world to tackle the challenges of response robotics.

This event provides an ideal forum for RRL teams to bring their robots and evaluate them in more open-ended, real-world scenarios, discuss with other teams, manufacturers, and responders, and to discuss implementation of the League roadmap.

The RRSS+W will also host a roadmap discussion for the RoboCupRescue Robot League, with a focus on engaging with the end user community. We invite past, present, and prospective competitors to join us!

New Focus Topics

The RRSS+W seeks to drive development in all areas of response robotics. To this end, while we will be evaluating and demonstrating areas like mobility, manipulation, and autonomy, there are three new focus topics that are becoming increasingly topical in the response robotics field.

Communications Technologies

for Challenging Response Environments

Integration of UAS

into Response Robotics Applications

AI and Cyber Security Risk Management

Challenges for Response Robots

We are also encouraging students who are interested in broader response robotics topics to attend, including, but not limited to:

  • 3D mapping and indoor/outdoor navigation in unstructured environments.
  • Mobility in challenging terrain and among 3D obstacles.
  • Dexterous manipulation and inspection.
  • Transition of technologies into real world unstructured environments.
  • Novel sensors for response robotics.


In-person and online participants in the RRSS+W will have the opportunity to participate in lectures and panel discussions on topics ranging from theoretical techniques to real world applications.

In addition, in-person participants will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Hands-on multi-tracked practical sessions that give attendees an in-depth opportunity learn about a specific topic.
  • Demonstration and test sessions that allow attendees to deploy their own robots within the test methods and scenarios, and observe other robots being tested.
  • A workshop poster session that allows attendees to present their work to other attendees as well as the attendees of the TXPS, including those who may have an interest in adopting these technologies.
  • Social events that promote networking between RRSS+W attendees as well as the rest of the response robotics ecosystem.

Bring Your Robots!

Students are encouraged to bring their own ground, aerial, surface, or underwater response robots to test in the standard test methods and scenarios.

The Location

The 2024 RRSS+W will be held at the Reveille Proving Grounds in Burnet, Texas, USA.

The venue hosts both real world scenarios, complete with the uncertainty, weather, and communications challenges that it brings, as well as standard test methods that provide repeatable, reproducible, evaluations of robot capabilities that attendees can replicate in their own labs.

This facility is equipped with an extensive array of Standard and Prototypical Test Methods for Response Robots, developed by NIST and collaborators, across aerial, ground, and underwater modalities. Numerous realistic indoor and outdoor response robotics scenarios enable further testing systems. The facility is also equipped as a test site for mesh networking technologies.

Attendees will have a unique opportunity to observe robots of their interest performing in both the scenarios and the test methods, as well as bring their own robots to test and refine over the course of the event.

Transportation and accommodation information will be coming soon! Join our mailing list to be kept up to date.

Registration, Fees, and Travel Support

Registration details are being finalized! Join the mailing list for updates.

The registration fee for in-person attendance is $300. As space is limited, registration is capped and competitive, based on a cover letter describing their research topic and how they see their developments assisting responders. Registration will be decided on a rolling basis and closes February 1st, 2024, or when the event reaches capacity.

IEEE-RAS students may use the same letter to apply for a limited number of competitive travel support scholarships that include the fee and a stipend. This is based on a sliding scale, with the goal of partially compensating for the higher travel cost incurred by students from more distant institutions. Travel support applications will be decided on a rolling basis and closes December 31st, 2023, or when all funds have been allocated.

Remote attendance of the lectures will be free of charge, dependent on connectivity. The lectures will be recorded and made available in the case of technical difficulties.

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