Communications Technologies

Response robots operate in challenging communications environments.

New technologies, including 5G integration and mesh networking, are beginning to appear on response robots at scale, and at a price point that makes widespread deployment feasible.

New Communications Technologies for Response Robotics will be featured at the RRSS+W and broader TXPS through the following.

  • Presentations by researchers and collaborators from the NIST Public Safety Communications Research Division. Research students will have the opportunity to see how their research will fit into a broader, more connected responder communications ecosystem.
  • Opportunities to speak with manufacturers and end users of response robots and associated communications and software systems, to learn about the real world challenges and capabilities of new and legacy systems.
  • The chance to see some of these technologies demonstrated in person, providing students with the opportunity to see first hand how such systems operate in practice, along with the real-world challenges that must be overcome.
  • The ability to test their own systems and see how they perform against deployed legacy and new systems in real world environments. (Students wishing to bring their own systems, particularly with non-standard radios, should contact us so we can make sure that they are able to operate under local regulations.)